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Judah, Joel and some tunes to start your weekend

At Gippsland Goodness we’re happy to spread the word about new and emerging local talent, like these two happy guys from Traralgon.

They’re The JJs – but we’re not sure if it’s Judah and Joel, or Joel and Judah. In fact, we don’t think they even know themselves. But regardless, the name of the act is less important than their music which you can check out tonight (7 Aug).

We’re keen to brighten up the mood on Friday night by going live at 7pm😍 so tune in on insta/facebook and chill with us and sing along as we provide some entertainment for you all💛”



Meanwhile, here’s an original The JJs song with Judah’s sister Amy.

We hear rumours that a recording may not be far away!

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