A fresh approach to Sale to Sea in 2021

The Sale to Sea Disability Kayak Challenge could look different next year and organisers are looking for community input.

Changing the course, holding it on a weekend and introducing more land-based activities will be discussed at their Annual General Meeting on 8 November.

Sale to Sea as a community organisation has been operating for around 11 years, providing a platform for people with disabilities to participate in various activities. As a registered charity since 2014, Sale to Sea has provided valuable equipment to many individuals through its community assistance grants.

Co-founder Andrew Bedggood is now keen for the group to build on its success, both on water and in the community, with some fresh energy and ideas. He would like to see some new faces at the AGM, as a new 2021 committee begins to plan the future direction of Sale to Sea amid the challenges of a COVID environment.

Planning has commenced for the next running of Sale to Sea’s flagship event, the 3-day Kayak Challenge from Sale to Lakes Entrance, in March 2021. Also in the works are the Bundy Boogie Disco and possibly various land-based events.

“The original four day Kayak Challenge ran in October 2009 and since then we’ve received so much positive feedback about it,” Andrew said.

“We know there are a number of people who really wanted to participate in the longer Challenge but weren’t able to. So the committee has decided to explore a new format that will exclude Lake Wellington from the event.

“The new format will include starting on a Friday at Hollands Landing and finishing in Lakes Entrance on the Sunday. This format will allow more people to participate without the need to take time off work over multiple days.

“All proceeds will continue to go towards the Sale to Sea grants program, which was established to assist people with a disability in the Wellington and East Gippsland Shires,” Andrew said.

The current committee is looking at hosting respite camps for people living with a disability, veterans and their families as well as other sectors of the community.

“Since 2009, the Sale to Sea Disability Kayak Challenge has highlighted one’s ability to overcome adversity and lead an active life.

“The Challenge aims to encourage active sporting activities for people of all abilities, raise funds for families and individuals with permanent or long term disabilities, encourage those living with a disability to live life on their terms and to raise awareness of the importance of a fully inclusive society.

“The Sale to Sea Challenge format is not a race and we aim for all participants to cross the finish line together.”

Sale to Sea will hold its AGM on 8 November at 4pm at the Star Hotel, Raymond Street, Sale.

Those interested in joining the committee, or just being involved in the work of Sale to Sea, should give Andrew Bedggood a call on 0407 471 539 or email

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