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Welcome back Melbourne

The so-called ‘Ring of Steel’ that separated the Melbourne metro area from Gippsland and the other regions came down two weeks ago, allowing free-flowing movement for locals to reunite with family members in the suburbs and, most importantly, removing the barrier for Melburnians to enjoy Gippsland’s many natural tourism assets.

Gippsland Goodness contributor Camilla Hullick wrote this piece in the week after the artificial border came down.

Welcome back Melbourne

By Camilla Hullick

You could feel the jubilation in the air as Gippsland came alive on the weekend. Melburnians were finally freed from the corona virus induced ‘ring of steel’ and ventured down to our beautiful part of the world in droves.

People flocked to Gippsland with caravans, water sports toys and motorcross bikes. Farm utes took a back seat as cars, bicycles and road bikes dominated our country roads to reunite with family and/or feel the freedom of sand between their toes.

Holiday home owners were spotted busily nurturing their neglected homes and gardens. Some were surprised by squatting reptiles, which needed removing before any work could commence.

Fishing platforms were occupied by enthusiastic fisherman trying their luck. The traffic at jetties welcomed water skiers, kayakers and more anglers in boats or on land.

The warm weather turned it on for beach crowds relishing in seaside activities or market enthusiasts strolling around local stalls. Day and evening businesses, adhering to on-going corona virus restrictions, were once again enjoying an influx of customers.

It was a pleasing sight to see our country paradise awaken. Welcome Back Melbourne! We’re happy for. We can all pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. It’s been a long, tedious road, but Victoria is finally healing and heading in the right direction.


This article was by Camilla Hullick. See more by Camilla at The Stumbling Spiritualist.

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