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Giving thanks to those who helped get us through 2020

Victoria has eliminated coronavirus after recording its 28th consecutive day of no new cases or deaths. The result comes after more than 9,000 tests were taken in the past day, all with negative results.

Epidemiologists define elimination of Covid-19 as 28 days without any new or mystery cases. It is a great achievement that has come after many sacrifices, but also with a great deal of help and support from others. The challenge now is to keep it that way.

Coronavirus is still potentially out there and could re-emerge at any time, which is why precautions like mask wearing when indoors are still very necessary.


Neighbours who looked-in on each other? Friends who brought food or shopping around? A mental or physical health professional who was supportive?

Who or what got you through the lockdown period?

If you’re in East Gippsland, the impacts of Covid-19 came after three years of drought then a summer of bushfires. Is there someone you’d like to thank from over this longer period?

Let us know the name of a person or organisation, as well as a few words about what they did. We’ll assemble your comments for all to see, including those you are thanking.

CLICK HERE TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS as we say a big ‘thank you’ to those who helped us through a difficult period.

Again, it is important that we add a cautionary note that Covid-19 is not totally gone. All Victorians need to follow the Covid-safe restrictions and protocols to keep it away, especially with no vaccine currently available. Anyone experiencing symptoms should be tested without delay.

Link: DHHS coronavirus information, including restrictions

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