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Volunteers: Our Local Heroes

By Camilla Hullick

Throughout Gippsland there are countless unassuming, proactive people to be found if we take the time to notice. These souls, who often prefer to remain anonymous, give up their precious hours to quietly achieve outcomes greatly benefiting their communities.

Whether these folk maintain and nurture town gardens because they care about their community’s presentation, or help out in local not for profit organisations, they often do this silently without expectations of reward. The gift they each receive is a satisfying sense of achievement, knowing they play a purposeful role in assisting their much loved community to blossom and prosper.

Offering up our time voluntarily can present in many forms and is a wonderful service for all involved. We have an opportunity to learn new skills, while we make a genuine difference. Consequently, connections can sprout among newfound friends, while our personal growth may flourish.

There are numerous social community services and government sectors, which appreciate and often depend on the public’s personal time and expertise, such as assisting educational institutions or emergency services. Joining a philanthropic association or helping to deliver meals on wheels in your local area are further examples of vital, meaningful roles. Becoming a sport or music coach, or volunteering in an animal welfare shelter are tasks just as valuable.

Volunteer work offers us so many choices. If we have limited time, our contribution may be to organise and facilitate an annual fundraiser for a worthy cause. Birthday presents could be replaced with charitable donations towards a chosen not for profit organisation. We could knit blankets and beanies for the homeless shelters or donate our preloved goods to recycling shops.

Brightening up an elderly, visually impaired person’s day by reading them stories, walking their beloved dog or mowing their lawn will give us just as much joy as they will feel. We could plant a tree, pick up rubbish we spot in our travels or bake a cake to surprise someone living alone.

The list is never-ending. If you’re interested in volunteering, explore your interests and research opportunities in those areas. You’re bound to find the perfect activity enabling your skills to shine and be welcomed with open arms.

Many volunteering heroes are already contributing their thread within our Gippsland tapestry and we thank each and every one of you for your time and effort. Your selflessness and generosity is commendable and plays such an important role within our unique, country hub. Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, once said, “The essence of life is to serve others and do good.” These small or wide-reaching acts trigger ripple affects which continuously create beauty within our world.


This article was by Camilla Hullick. See more by Camilla at The Stumbling Spiritualist.

DELWP Gippsland photo from 2018 by Kerry Tait.
Volunteer group Friends of the Prom secured funding from Coastcare Victoria to keep Squeaky Beach squeaky clean and free of the invasive weed Sea Spurge. Another example of dedicated volunteers working hard for our coastal environments.
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