Meaningful country connections

By Camilla Hullick

It’s this time of year when appreciation and gratitude always tug at my heart strings. Christmas carols tend to have this power over me. The invaluable moments I was fortunate to enjoy among an agitated 2020, warmly gather in my mind and dominate my emotions. One of these pleasurable, reoccurring experiences was (and continues to be) the way I typically started my days around bouts of lockdown.

For numerous years, upon completing my morning chores, I’ve headed from my farm home into my local town of Tarwin Lower in South Gippsland. I check my post office box for mail, then drive a few kilometres further to reach a general store in the coastal town of Venus Bay. There I purchase the daily newspaper and devour my much-loved caffeine heart starter.

Before any other surrounding shops open their doors, this store’s coffee machine is ready and waiting to brew a delicious latté, served always with a dollop of love. Over time I have grown to know the endearing staff well, as they have me, and I appreciate their generous, friendly hospitality.

As the months progressed, I began noticing other regular early-bird coffee lovers and before long, strangers became acquaintances happily greeting each other.

Familiarity transpired into frequent morning gatherings of locals, whom I’ve grown extremely fond of. In fact, so much so, if one of us is not seen for more than two days, the rest of us become concerned.

Our little cluster blends contrasting ages and unique life experiences, yet as the seasons passed by, connections easily formed as our hands wrapped around our heated coffee cups – if only for a short while. I have the greatest respect and admiration for my lovely, humble, dawn companions, who ooze integrity and wisdom.

This almost daily occurrence has become a meaningful event. As I park outside the store and see familiar, smiling faces eager to exchange words of essence, I am assured I will have a wonderful day. It’s mostly the little, spontaneous happenings in life which offer invaluable significance and contentment, and this for me is unmistakably one of them …

From left: John, Greg, Barry from Venus Bay and Doug from Tarwin Lower.


This article is by Camilla Hullick. See more by Camilla at The Stumbling Spiritualist.

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