Justin, the horse/human matchmaker


By Greg Allen Pretty

For those who have ever been attracted to the idea of owning a bit of a racehorse, here’s an easy way to make that happen.

Buy a Racehorse is a privately held company that was created for just one reason… to bridge the gap between owners and shares in racehorses.

Director of Buy a Racehorse is a Traralgon man who is passionate about the sport and about connecting winners. Justin Darcy says he combines people who know about the racing industry with those who know nothing.

“I connect them with syndicated horses,” Justin said.

“I am about getting people involved in an industry that I know back to front.

“I know the ins and outs, which is why I am in a good position to advise people on horses to buy into, via our web site.

Justin says Buy a Racehorse is designed for all people, whether racing experts or not.

“If you are serious about investing in horse racing, then most likely you know about the industry and how it works. On the other hand though, if you’re in it for some fun, syndication is the best way to kick off your horse ownership experience.”

Buy a Racehorse is focused on providing users with an easy-to-use experience, with all the details and information they need to make a decision. The company’s clear and concise approach means that those advertising shares can only do so if an approved PDS is included.

“With every detail of the horse and its management clearly defined in the PDS, everyone is protected,” Justin said.

Although the focus is on syndication shares, there is an opportunity to list weanlings, yearlings, ready-to-run 2/3 year olds, tried, untried and broodmares.

Buy a Racehorse has joined with some of Australia’s biggest syndicators and, while many of their sold horses are still to race, one of the better types seen on the web site is a three-year-old gelding named The Billionaire.

“Although he was an expensive purchase, he has won two races and placed second in another since his gelding operation, looking every bit a metropolitan horse.”

Justin said part-owning a racehorse brings a particular excitement.

“The rush of seeing your horse run is such a thrill,” Justin said.

“Whether you own just a hair on its tail or the whole horse, the thrill will never change.

“Not only do you get a buzz, but owning horses allows you to have stable visits, see the horse outside of the races, and to meet other people who may also be involved in your horse,” said Justin.

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