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Traralgon’s Tripodi breaks Oceania cube solving record

Gippsland has a new champion in Rubik’s Cube solving.

Michael Tripodi of Traralgon has broken an Oceania record for the ‘3×3 Multiple Blindfolded’ by completing 34 cubes in an hour, giving him a score of 32 which beats the previous record of 28.

Michael was competing at Solving in Sale last month, a Speedcubing Australia competition in Sale.


Organiser Jeff Hobbs said Michael was the only Gippslander among three record-breakers.

“Michael solved what’s called Multiblind, where they memorise and solve as many cubes as they can in one hour,” Jeff said.

“He managed to solve 34 of the 36 that he had memorised, which is an amazing feat for almost anyone in the world.

“Also, one of our regulars Riley Dexter got a ‘Pyraminx Single’ of 1.4 seconds.

“And David Epstein got firstly a continental record, and then in the next round he managed to break the world record in a cube known as ‘Square-1’,” said Jeff.

19 year old Michael Tripodi said it takes a lot of mental power to solve even one cube while blind-folded, let alone 34 of them.

“Instead of thinking about the Rubik’s Cube as 54 different colours, you turn it into something that has a bit more meaning,” Michael said.

“So I can turn those 54 colours into about three sentences, and then I can remember those sentences, and I’ll remember how to solve the cube from there.”



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