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Judah celebrates life through Ed Sheeran song

Story by Greg Allen-Pretty
Image by Cameron Cilia

Judah Leak is all about food, faith, fitness, footy and music, especially in the singer-songwriter folk-pop style.

Think Ed Sheeran, and you’ve got where the 20 year old from Traralgon sits musically. Which is why his new recording is a cover of Sheeran’s Small Bump. Video clip below.

“I love Ed Sheeran and I love this song. Small Bump is a song everyone can get around,” Judah said.

“It’s not a typical pop love song, it’s a nice song about having a baby.

“Yeah, it’s not a typical theme for a pop song! But I love it because it’s a real celebration of life itself. It gives life meaning.”

Judah’s love of life leaves a positive impression on those with whom he connects – in his family and friendship circles, and with many others each day through his work in hospitality.

It is no surprise that Judah would be drawn to a song like Small Bump that celebrates life.

Two creative friends helped him give the song a professional edge. It was recorded and mixed by Traralgon musician Taeson Cleator. As well as vocals, Judah multi-tracked the guitar and harmonies, and Taeson added some further music backing.

Traralgon’s lovely Victory Park provided the perfect setting for the video clip that was beautifully directed, filmed and edited by Cameron Cilia.

“The reaction to the song has been really good,” Judah said.

“A lot of people have told me how they like the song and the video. I’m glad it can bring something positive to their lives.”

Judah, who also performs with his good friend Joel Robinson as The JJs, is keen to record more music and even has some ideas for original songs. Although his work at Store Sixty One cafe in Traralgon and his footy playing commitments with the Morwell Tigers keep him busy, he can always find time to pick up his guitar and get lost in a song.

“Music is a wonderful way to express ideas and emotions. It can move people to see things in a different light, to think new thoughts. Music can be so powerful in the right hands.

“It’s a gift I’m really blessed to possess,” Judah said, “and I’d like to do more with it as time and opportunities allow.”

Judah Leak’s Small Bump (Ed Sheeran) is available to view now on YouTube and can be downloaded or streamed on Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes.


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