Historic Port Albert images show hotel, fish being packed and the Esplanade

Story and photos contributed by Lloyds Auctions

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Iconic photos of Port Albert are included in one of Australia’s most significant photographic collections of more than 100,000 items, dating back to 1880.

The Rose Stereograph Company Collection features moments captured in time featuring original images of Port Albert Hotel, men packing fish and even The Esplanade, along with many others. All images were uncovered in the spare bedroom of a home in Victoria.

“There are original glass negatives in this collection that capture the very first moments of not only local Australian but world history and some that may even change the course of history,” said Lee Hames, Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions.

“We believe this to be a world first, to offer these tangible original glass plates which rival any modern photographic resolution.”

Apart from those of Port Albert, noteworthy photos include The Landing at ANZAC (Gallipoli 1915), Ned and Dan Kelly’s Armour (taken at trial in 1880), The Duke & Duchess of York And Daughter Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Phar Lap Winning the ‘Melbourne Cup’ 1930, Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx, Franco British Expedition and many more.

The Rose Stereograph Company was founded in Melbourne 1880 by George Rose and Herbert Cutts. The pair formed a lifetime working partnership and strong personal friendship. Assisted by George’s two sons, Herbert George and Walter, and later Herbert’s son, Neil Cutts, the Rose Stereograph Company continued its operations for more than 140 years and remains an incorporated Australian company to this day.

The company was initially built on stereographs, but as cinema took over and stereographs fell out of fashion, the Rose Stereograph Company developed Australia’s first commercially viable photographic postcard business. Specialising in postcards of iconic historical moments and significant landmarks, the Rose Stereograph Company became a staple of the Australian travel industry.

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A statement from Stephen and Jeffrey Cutts, the current custodians of the collection, said “It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to a collection that spans five generations and 140 years. We understand that for these historically important pieces to rest with one family is to deny others the pleasure of their custodianship. It is for this reason that we have entrusted you as the new custodian of our treasured item.

Lee Hames from Lloyds Auctions said “This has to be one of the most important photographic collections in Australia if not the world and that’s why we have taken considerable measures and invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology in order to honour the owners of one of the most significant photographic collections in Australian history.”

In a world first, Lloyds Auctions mint NFTs offer blockchain proof of ownership on arguably the most significant photographic collection in our nation’s history. For the very first time, customers can bid for ownership on both the Lloyds Auctions platform and in cryptocurrency on leading NFT marketplaces for rare digital collectibles. Winning bidders will receive ownership of both the minted NFT, along with a tangible one-of-one original glass plate negative.

To browse the entire collection and bid:  https://www.lloydsauctions.com.au/photo

More historic photos of Port Albert HERE


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