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On Thursday, you may be asking ‘where did Peter Hitchener go?’

Peter Hitchener’s 9 News will be on channels 8 and 80, while Jennifer Keyte’s 10 News First will be on 5 and 50.

Remember five years ago when the 9 and 10 network TV programs swapped channels? This Thursday they are swapping back.

That means your favourite programs from Nine and its multichannels will return in Gippsland to channel 8 and channels 80 to 82, with the multichannel 9 Life to join them in August on 83. However, we still won’t get 9 Rush.

Programs from Ten and its multichannels will be on 5 and 50 to 54, including the multichannel 10 Shake which we’ll see in Gippsland for the first time.

This is all to do with the networks’ affiliate arrangements. New contracts mean that WIN will take the Nine programs and SCA (Southern Cross Austereo) will broadcast the Ten programs.

The regional news bulletin 9 News Local that was on channels 5 and 50 at 5.30pm will be discontinued. And WIN News will move from 6pm to 5.30 on 8 and 80, before Peter Hitchener’s 9 News from Melbourne. It is been reported that WIN News will soon become statewide rather than Gippsland-focused.

In August, Sky News will swap from channels 83 to 56 with a revamped format called Sky News Regional.

There is no change for Prime7, SBS or ABC.

Like to dig deeper into what this all means and see a channel guide? CLICK HERE.

If you still see the old channel names displayed on your screen, a simple retune will fix that – the link above explains how to do that.


Finally, just a bit of trivia for history buffs: SCA’s Gippsland licence was originally GLV-10, the first regional television station to launch in Australia, on 9 December 1961. It later became GLV-8, TV8 and various other identities before ‘aggregation’ brought all commercial networks to the region in 1992.

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